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Leaf Creation Co.,Ltd.

Since 2003, Leaf Creation Co.,Ltd was established with products made from leave based on cultural wisdom at Chiang Mai.

With study and research, a result of research found that Tong Tung leave which ancient people of Northern of Thailand or called “Lanna” used for roofing, food packing, stuff packing due to qualification of Tung Tung is tough and durable. So we took many years to develop products made from Tong Tung and with a lot of challenges to find solutions to solve the problems encountered e.g. brittleness, low tension, easy to tear.  

Eventually we can create products made from Tong Tung under brand “Mr.Leaf” successfully as Number 1 and Only 1 in Thailand.

Our policy is to deliver the best products with excellent service to exceed customer expectation. Look forward to building up long-term relationship and cooperation.

Product Story
Teak Leaf is a perennial plant which was part of the traditional life of Northern Thais.  The uniqueness of this tree is its leaf, which can be used for a variety of purposes because it has a water resistant quality and is quite tough.  In the past, the young leaves were used to wrap food or other materials to be carried and the mature dried leaves were used as roofing that would last for years.  Nowadays, with increasing innovation, the processed products made from the Tong Tung leaves have been finely developed to create contemporary handiworks with unique and stylish designs.  Products range from various types of bags to lanterns, picture frames, umbrellas, etc.  The product you now have in hand is considered a "green product" that can function in harmony with our world today.

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Accessory Set, Cosmetic Set, Decorate Set, Travel Set and others.

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